It was a overcast Sunday when me and Jazmin went on a little adventure to a small beach. She had found the gem awhile back and wanted to bring me along to see it again. We drove there to catch sunset. We found a parking spot and walked to the spot. You had to take a rope down because there isn’t stairs. It was vast and had beautiful rock formations. I felt like I was in a different world, like I had just stepped right into Hawaii. We went down and found this little hut. We joked around and said that it was Jazmins’ home and that she was Moana. She went into the cold water, we got some really cool shots. She had sand all through her hair which gave the pictures even more personality. We played around the beach until it started to become dark. We were the only one’s there besides some people who walked by every now and again, which was special. I won’t ever forget this day and the growing friendship I have made with Jazmin.